Keynote Speakers

Dr. Zaher Al-Taqi
Topic : 3D Obturation For Better Endodontics Outcome

Dr. D. Kandaswamy
Topic : R Ahmed Oration Lecture

Dr. Vimal K Sikri
Topic : Indirect Restorations - Clinical Nuances

Dr. Arvind Shenoy
Topic : Choosing the right file system in Endodontics - Top 10 Tips

Dr. N Velmurugan
Topic : Aberrant Root canal systems

Dr. Girija Sajjan
Topic : Occlusion a Game Changer for Endodontic Success

Dr. Abhishek Laha
Topic : Where to start and How to end - composites

Col (Dr) Sonali Sharma
Topic : Challenging the cariogenic microbial dysbiosis

Dr. Narasimhan Bharadwaj
Topic : Partial Bonded Restorations: Dawn of a New Era…!!

Dr. Kantheti Sirisha
Topic : Bond strength tests - demystified

Dr. Jojo Kottoor
Topic : Pulpal Fire and the "Hot Tooth" : A guide to painless dentistry.

Dr. Niranjan Vatkar
Topic : Predictable ways to do a Class II composite restoration.

Dr. Debojyoti Mazumdar
Topic : Prefabricated posts: When, where and how?

Dr. Amandeep Kaur
Topic : 3D printing in 2023!

Dr. Niraj Kinariwala
Topic : Guided Endodontics: Gimmick or Game Changer